NT Motorcycle Centre is Darwin’s proud provider of NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen.

Replacing the air in your tyres with nitrogen has many advantages. With regular air, your tyres will, can, lose pressure through oxygen leakage. Moisture in the air will also influence the expansion of your tyre and can also deteriorate the inner surface and corrode the steel rims of your wheels.

NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen does not contain any oxygen or resulting moisture, so the pressure in your tyres won’t change with temperature, time of the day or season. Nitrogen molecules are also much larger than oxygen, which means less leakage. The correct pressure will be maintained up to 6 times longer than with regular air. It will also ensure your ride is smoother, extend the life of your tyres and improve fuel economy

Advantages of NITROTYRE:

  • Longer Tyre pressure retention
  • Constant pressure in all circumstances
  • Extended Tyre life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Optimum safety and performance

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