How does NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen work?

Regular compressed air is composed of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen. In comparison to the large size of nitrogen molecules, oxygen leaks out of your tyres 3–4 times faster and water vapour up to 250 times faster than nitrogen. By increasing the nitrogen content and reducing the content of the other gases, your tyres will maintain the correct pressure for longer.

What does high nitrogen purity mean?

For tyres to benefit from nitrogen inflation, the nitrogen content has to be higher than 95%, which is the internationally recognised high nitrogen purity standard. NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen has a guaranteed nitrogen content of 96%.

Are any tyres suitable for NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen?

Yes, NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen works with any tyres.

Are tyres filled with NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen covered by the manufacturer warranty?

Yes. Using high purity nitrogen doesn’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do I still need to check the tyre pressure with NITROTYRE?

Yes. NITROTYRE will maintain the correct pressure for longer. However, most tyre manufacturers recommend checking the pressure in your tyres at least once a month, regardless of the tyre content.

Is NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen dangerous?

No. Nitrogen is a natural gas and is perfectly safe for both you and the environment. It is an inert, non-combustible, non-flammable and non-corrosive gas. Nitrogen is often used for vehicles in extreme conditions, such as air transport, military and motorsports.

What are the costs of NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen?

NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen is available for an annual fee of $45. This one-off cost includes tyre conversion, free top ups, pressure checks and refills in case of a puncture. The only extra payment is required if you have new tubes or tyres installed.

What if I get a puncture and I’m not near my usual NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen provider?

Every vehicle converted to NITROTYRE is fitted with banded valve caps and an NITROTYRE Environment Identification sticker. You can visit any local NITROTYRE provider and top up your tyres for free

What if NITROTYRE is not available when I need to top my tyres up?

If NITROTYRE is not available, you can top up your tyres with regular air. Once you return, NT Motorcycle Centre will re-purge your tyres and refill with nitrogen for no additional cost.

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